What would be your ideal first car to buy?

So what would be your ideal first car to buy?

I mean if money was no object what would be the dream car that you would have sitting on your drive way to have you greet it every morning?

There are many considerations to be sought before we let the genie out the bottle to grant us our wish of our dream car.

Does the car need to be able seat just yourself or are you a person that likes to travel around with family or friends

Is there a pet that you can’t live without hence you may need a bit more room to house that trusted friend? Do you have a big dog that you want to be able to transport in a lap of luxury. Would a Ranger Rover do that job?

The Range Rover flag ship model has to be one of my most favourite cars on the planet at the moment. Its full of luxury, class and a Britishness. It doesn’t shout but quietly whispers “I am king of the road”.  Have a look at this video that i found, it really made me fall in love with this car even more.. :)

Its not as leery or brash as some the american or Italian counterparts. Its so much more classy. A friendly giant if you will.

But what if a luxury 4×4 suv isn’t something that your looking for?

What happens if you want a sporty 2 seater GT vehicle that eats up the miles with not a care in the world. How about a car that makes you forget all the troubles of your life and lets enjoy the driving experience of a life time?

Well in my eyes there again is only 1 car that does that and makes all that notice you turn green with envy! Want to know what it is? You will have to wait till my next post!.. :)


So To Buy Or Not To Buy? That Is The Question!

To Buy Or Not To Buy? That Is The Question!

Firstly this is not going to be a rant about a bad experience that I had while buying a new vehicle. No, I am not going to explore that once bad time that I had when purchasing my first car. Its just going to be a open question out into the big wide internet and see what I get back.


Is it best to buy a vehicle? Rent a vehicle

Well first you need to decide what are your parameters for the choice of vehicle and the end use you will be using it for?

Are you the sort of person that gets bored really easily with life? Do you always change your mind after you have decided on something? Well maybe a long term rental contract could be the right way for you to go. I mean you can hire the car of your dreams use it for a year or 2 and then change it for something else. Whatever takes your fancy. This is probably the best route for anyone that had these sort of tendencies. A luxury 4×4 for a year or 2 then you can change to a sporty little 2 seater then can take your breathe away.

Then again, are you the sort of person that once you decide on something, you are happy with your choice till the end of time. Are you the personality type that can decide on something and then close the book on it. Well if you are then your probably veering towards the full ownership of your dream vehicle.  There are advantages to this route. You actually own it, you can do as many miles as you want and not get penalised as you would if you have a lease vehicle.

But then also realise that you might not get perks such a longer period of warranty as you perhaps would, when you take out a lease type contract. But no matter what you decide these days Auto Dealerships around the world come to a point where all the customers wants are satisfied.

So once you got the car of your dreams, its time to party! But obviously your not going out to party and drink as you drive. THAT IS A NO NO! But there is away to celebrate this purchase in stylish, and safe manner. Hire your self a chauffeur driven limo. Yes, you heard me right, get a bunch of your close friends, grab that luxury limo and go and party the night away. Then when you do wake up the next morning, look out the window you will see your gleaming new purchase staring back at you.. :)

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