Things Not To Do When Renting A Car

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Renting a car, like any other social action, has some nuances and caveats that are unique to that industry. Then there’s the thing you never, ever want to do. To save you time, money, and trouble, we’ve compiled a list of the things not to do when renting a car.

Failure to look for a place to refuel on your way back on your way out

The best time to look for a place to refuel your vehicle is right after you pick it up. Take note of the local gas stations as you drive away from the airport or rental agency, and plan to return to the most easily accessible or best-priced of them at the end of your rental. You don’t want to be driving around in circles looking for a gas station as your flight time approaches. When you’re not pressed for time, figure this out on your way out.

Ignoring One Potential Complication: “Loss of Use” Insurance

When a rental car is dented, “loss of use” charges are applied to compensate for the potential income lost while the vehicle is being repaired. This is usually charged in the quantity of a day’s rental for that automobile, and most auto assurance policies do not cover it.

Regardless of where you got the car – let’s say –signage that said “rent a car in currumbin” near a driveway led you to your agency; check the terms and conditions ahead of time to be sure.

Failure to inspect the vehicle before departure

Another potentially costly mistake you can make at the car rental company is failing to inspect the rented vehicle before driving it. BEFORE LEAVING THE CAR RENTAL COMPANY, ALWAYS INSPECT THE VEHICLE FOR ANY SIGN OF INTERNAL OR EXTERIOR DAMAGE.

Look for any indications of a problem, such as busted headlights, loose bumpers, visible scratches, strange noises, and so on. You can even photograph or video inspect the vehicle so that you can easily make a “before-and-after” comparison when returning the rented car. Otherwise, you may be held liable for all damages discovered upon returning the car (including those you did not cause).

Leaving the Final Examination to Chance

Returning a car has recently become similar to checking out of a guesthouse, where you leave your door card on the table and walk out the lobby door with only a wave to the front desk. Vehicle rental profits have taken on a similar sense; you often follow symbols to the back of a line of freshly returned cars, take out your belongings, leave the keys in the vehicle, and walk away without saying a word to anyone. If leaving the car without having an agent check it over feels unsettling, it should; the most thoughtful complaints about car rental corporations and startups have been disagreements over damage claims. Therefore, make sure to make the right calls.

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